MX8 Technical Data & MSDS

Technical Information

Soap Type Lithium Complex
Colour Red
Texture Smooth & Tacky
Penetration at 25°C
Worked, 60 Strokes D.217 280 min. – 305 max
Dropping Point, °C D.2265 260+
Lower Operating Temperature °C – 20
Leakage, Wheel Bearing 65g
Packed, 163°C, g D.1263 1.5
Water Washout at 80°C, % D.1264 3.5
Oil Separation
24 hours at 25°C kPa D.1742 2
Oxidation Stability –
Pressure Drop at 100 Hour, kPa D.3336 15
Pressure Drop at 500 Hour, kPa D.3336 70
Lubrication Life, Bearing No. 204
10000 rpm, 163°C, Hours D.3336 125
Rust Prevention Rating D.1743 Pass
Timken, OK Load, Kg D.2509 26
4-Ball Weld, Kgf IP.239 575
4-Ball Wear Scar, mm D.2266 0.48
Base Oil, cSt at 40°C D.445 190


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