MX9 No Chukka Chain Lube

No Chukka Chain Lube

MX9 No Chucka Chain Lube

Superior grade, high speed, extreme pressure, PTFE chain lube.

Available Sizes

150gm and 300gm Aerosol Cans

Originally designed for the super-bike industry, INOX- MX9 No Chukka Chain Lube is now in high demand for numerous applications such as, hoists, harvesters, forklifts, conveyors and dirt bikes. The perfect blend of PTFE and tackifiers allow this chain lube to not only hold on but at the same time give you smooth effortless transmission in any application. Demand is particularly high in the harshest of farming conditions as INOX-MX9 is one of the most robust , durable and reliable chain lubes on the market today.

Why MX9?

  • INOX-mx9 No Chukka Chain Lube is a superior grade, high speed, extreme pressure chain lube formulated with special tackifiers, coagulants, anti-corrosion and water proofing compounds to make it stay on the chain, hence the name ‘No Chukka Chain Lube’.
  • INOX-mx9 No Chukka Chain Lube contains the extreme pressure friction modifier PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) which gives increased lubrication, reducing wear and also helps in reducing operating temperatures.
  • INOX-mx9 No Chukka Chain Lube is highly resistant to salt, chemicals, water wash out and drying.
  • INOX-mx9 No Chukka Chain Lube will not harm motorcycle chain ‘O’ rings

Directions for Use

  1. It is recommended to clean the chain first by spraying it with INOX-mx11 Chain & Brake Clean. This will clean the chain and will leave it dry in a few minutes with no residue.
  2. Next spray INOX-9 No Chukka Chain Lube directly onto the chain by using the extension tube attached to the spray button, this will give the best results for accuracy and concentration and reduces the problem of over spray. Make sure you spray this on the underside of the chain and be sure to “roll it through” so all links are covered.
  3. Allow a few minutes (3 to 10 mins depending on the ambient temperature) for chain lube to penetrate the chain linkages and for the solvent carrier and propellant gas to evaporate.


  1. I so far have over 50000 ks out of my Motorcycle 2nd chain on a Ninja 1000 abs.
    I Lube it after every ride or at least 300 ks with Inox No Chukka Chain Lube.
    Always take it on tour!
    Peter. H

    • customer service Ashley says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the positive feedback, its awesome to hear the life you’re getting out of your chain.

      Ride Safe.

      Regards – INOX Team

  2. Hi Paul,
    Is this product too heavy for bicycles, either road or MTB ?
    I use a chain cleaning cassette on my bikes and a propriety bicycle chain lube. My main concern after working with forklifts in logistics is the amount of muck that sticks to the tacky chain lube supplied by my employer and thus the chain. It doesn’t help the life of chain much at all, so i am concerned that a tacky product will have the same effect on my bicycle chains.

    • customer service Ashley says:

      Hi Dominic,

      Thanks for the enquiry.

      The INOX MX9 is designed for high speed applications hence the tackiness of it however, it is commonly used on bicycles also. Another product that is great on bike chains is the INOX MX5 Plus, this is a lighter lubricant and has almost zero tack, meaning less grit and dirt sticking to your chain. I have been recommending INOX MX5 Plus on bike chains for years and have always had a positive response.

      Regards – INOX Team

  3. Hi,
    Is MX9 suitable for off-road use on motorcross dirt bikes?

    • charmaine says:

      Hi Paul

      MX9 works on all motorcycle chain, including off-road dirt bikes. Make sure to clean the chain before application.

      The INOX Team

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