MX8 Extreme Pressure Grease

Extreme Pressure Grease

MX8 High Temp Grease

A premium industrial grade, extreme pressure, high temperature lithium complex PTFE grease

Available Sizes

300g Aerosol Spray Grease – 400g and 450g Cartridges – 500g & 2.5kg Tubs – 20kg & 180kg Drums

The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of INOX MX8 grease gives long service life under high loading and shock loading conditions from very low to very high temperature environments. These special characters of shear stability, combined with the inclusion of effective rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors and tackiness adhesives, ensures this grease to perform in almost any application. INOX MX8 is a lithium complex  grease, which means that it will hold together extremely well under high pressure and variable temperatures.

Why MX8?

  • INOX-mx8 has the ability to prevent scuffing and reduce wear under high load and shock load conditions, together with its excellent high shear stability and high temperature operation, makes INOX-mx8 the preferred choice over other extreme pressure greases.
  • INOX-mx8 resists ‘SQUEEZE OUT’ from surfaces requiring lubrication under load conditions.
  • INOX-mx8 has excellent resistance to water and water wash out even at elevated temperatures. Effective lubrication is maintained and in these situations it also gives protection against rusting and corrosion.
  • INOX-mx8 will not thin out because it is shear resistant or thicken because it resists oxidation.
  • PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene is a premium grade anti-friction medium which gives increased lubrication and reduces operating temperatures to bearings, bushes, shafts, gears, chains, splines, PTO’s, turntables, cables, universals, CV and ball joint.
  • Suitable for: Automotive, aviation, bearings, commercial, earthmoving, electrical, farming, fishing, industrial, marine, mining, shipping, wharves & slips and transport.



  1. Hi I have been using inox MX8 and MX3 Lubricant for the last 7 years on fishing reels, I am an importer of fishing reels under our own brand name and design , I mix of MX3 with MX8, 5% of MX3 to MX8. I have app. lubricated 10000 reels with this mixture and never had any complaints or failure’s of our reels. I lubricate all reels in Australia, the manufacturer is not capable to do it in the manufacturing process,
    Gerhard Kresin
    Burning Thumbs Fishing for Ever Pty.Ltd

    • customer service Ashley says:

      Hi Gerhard,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      We love hearing the tricks of the trade and the different ways people use the INOX range! 10,000 reels is massive, keep up the awesome work.

      Regards – INOX Team

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